Dribble Catching Bibs

Help eliminate rashes with the Dribble Catching Bibs from Tommee Tippee!

Help protect baby's sensitive skin from rashes with the super-soft absorbent Tommee Tippee Dribble Catching Bibs.

Help eliminate rashes

Help eliminate rashes

Our Tommee Tippee Dribble Catching Bibs have a unique dribble catcher collar that absorbs moisture, helping prevent rashes on baby's sensitive skin. Our Dribble Catching Bibs are super-soft on tender skin, yet work really hard to soak up dribbles and spills before they can cause a rash.



  • Super-soft and extra-absorbent to protect your baby’s clothes and sensitive skin
  • Unique dribble catcher absorbs moisture, and is ideal for drips or teething dribbles
  • Super-soft fabric for comfort and helps prevents rashes
  • Convenient neck fastening makes it easier to put the bib on and take it off you baby
  • Available in bright pink or green
  • Available in two packs
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