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Mini Travel Sleep Aid

Thank you for purchasing the Tommee Tippee Mini Travel Sleep Aid. This product support page is here to help you learn how to use, and care for your product, and to help with any queries you may have.

1x Mini Travel Sleep Aid

1x USB charging cable

Your Mini Travel sleep aid will need charging prior to use. To do this:

  1. Remove the power unit by opening the pocket on the back of the plush toy. Insert the charging cable into the port on the base of the unit (fig A). During the charging process, the light (3) will show red. It will turn blue when fully charged. It will then flash 3 times when the battery is running low. It will take approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

  1. Volume switch.
  2. Sound selection button. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn off.
  3. Charging light.
  1. Make sure your sleep aid is fully charged before first use.
  2. Turn the power unit ON using the slider (1) (fig. B) on the front of the unit and select chosen volume: off – low – mid – high.
  3. To activate the sounds, press the front of the sleep aid (2) (fig. C). Scroll through the different sounds and lullabies by pressing multiple times. The sound will play for 20 minutes or until you stop it by pressing and holding the back of the sleep aid for 2 seconds.

How the CrySensor works:

The CrySensor allows your sleep aid to listen out for noise and respond by playing the sound or lullaby you choose to help settle your child back to sleep.

It listens out to noises in a room and is programmed to respond to crying or sharp sounds that may disturb your little one’s sleep. If there’s a rapid movement in the room, the noise may be enough to activate it.

To activate the CrySensor you must first activate the sounds on your device by pressing the front of the sleep aid.

The CrySensor remains active and listens for your baby’s cry for 3 hours, then automatically switches off. When your child stirs, it will play your choice of sound or lullaby for 20 minutes and it will then go back to listening with the CrySensor. If the CrySensor doesn’t detect any sounds for 3 hours, then it will automatically switch off. To activate the CrySensor again, simply activate the sounds again by pressing the front of the sleep aid.

Cleaning and Maintanence


Before cleaning, please ensure you remove the electronic module. Once removed, the fabric part of the sleep aid can be machine washed at 30° but please do not tumble dry.

FAQ’s and Troubleshooting

We’ve prepared some common questions and troubleshooting advice to help you with your new Mini Travel Sleep Aid.

You can use OIlieOwl or PipPanda from birth to soothe a newborn and continue to use their sounds with your child as they grow.

You should place it near your baby so it can listen in CrySensor mode and so your baby can hear and see it.

Use the loop to attach it to your baby’s cot out of reach of your baby or stand it on nearby furniture. If you use the loop to attach to the cot, make sure it is hanging outside the cot so that if it falls, it will fall outside the cot.


It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge your Sleep Aid. Whilst charging, the light will be red and will turn blue when fully charged.

During the charging process, the light will show red. It will turn blue when fully charged.

The light on the front of the electronic module will flash 3 times when the battery is running low.
No, for safety reasons, the module should be removed for charging and therefore the product has been designed so that it doesn’t work while on charge.
When it is fully charged, the battery should last approx. 10 hours.
  1. White Noise
  2. Rainfall
  3. Heartbeat
  4. Twinkle, Twinkle
  5. Hush Little Baby
  6. Brahms Lullaby

Yes, there are 3 volume levels to choose from, low, mid, high, or off completely.

Once activated, the sound will play for 20 minutes or until you stop it by pressing and holding the back for 2 seconds.

To check the CrySensor make sure you have the function switch in the correct position then clap next to it to hear your chosen sound or lullaby.

The CrySensor works best when it is less than 1 meter from your child. When noise levels within 1 meter reach 50dBA, it will play your chosen sound.

First check the switch on the battery pack to make sure you have your mini travel sleep aid turned on.

If it still doesn’t work, check it is fully charged by plugging into the charging cable (Note: Your seep aid will not work while the battery is charging). The indicator light on the battery pack will glow red for charging and blue for fully charged. If you’re still having problems, please contact us.

This sleep aid is supplied with 1x USB charging cable. The USB adaptor plug is not included but the cable is compatible with most USB plugs used as phone chargers.

Yes, simply remove the electronic module and then the OllieOwl and PipPanda plush fabric can be machine washed at 30°C and air dried.


Please click on the link below and download the Mini Travel Sleep Aid Product Manual.

Download PDF
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