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Super-Steam Electric Steam Steriliser

Thank you for purchasing a Tommee Tippee Super-Steam Electric Steam Steriliser.

This product support page is here to help you learn how to use, clean and care for your steriliser, and to help with any queries you may have.

Diagram of electric steam sterliser identifying parts

CLEAN YOUR STERILISER BEFORE FIRST USE – Refer to parts guide and diagram:

  1. Do not connect to power at this stage.
  2. Remove all items from inside the steriliser base.
  3. Pour exactly 80ml of water into the steriliser base.
  4. Assemble the lower tray (a) with logo front facing and upper tray (a) and place in the steriliser base.
  5. Add the lid (g).
  6. Plug into the mains supply. Switch on at mains supply.
  7. Press the play button and it will light up amber to show the sterilising has begun.
  8. The light will switch off when sterilising has finished.
  9. Allow to cool for 5 minutes before turning off at the mains, removing the plug and steriliser lid.
  10. Remove upper tray and lower tray, pour away any remaining water and wipe dry. Your steriliser is now ready to use.

This steriliser is designed for use with Tommee Tippee bottles and feeding accessories (except bottle brush). The steriliser will hold a maximum of 6 Tommee Tippee bottles or a combination of fewer bottles plus soothers and breast pump parts.


Please click on the link below and download the Super-Steam Electric Steam Steriliser Product Manual.

Download PDF
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