Milk Storage Bottles

Collect, measure and store your expressed breast milk without spilling a drop.

Our milk storage bottles are suitable for freezing, thawing & heating breast milk.

Safely store breastmilk

Safely store breastmilk

These storage bottles allow you to store every precious drop of breastmilk in your fridge or freezer, then thaw and warm so you always have a feed on hand.

Never lose a drop

Never lose a drop

With no need to transfer between storage and feeding, there’s less chance of mishaps. So no more tears over spilled milk.

Turns into a feeding bottle

Turns into a feeding bottle

Connects with Closer to Nature teat.



  • Suitable for freezing, thawing & heating breast milk
  • Contains 3 x 150ml bottles, 3 x bottle screw rings, 3 x milk storage pot lids and 3 x bottle caps
  • Teats can be purchased separately to convert your milk storage bottle into a feeding bottle
  • Always BPA and phthalate free for ultimate reassurance
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