All about the texture

Stage two 7m+

Steamer Blender

Got the hang of purees? Great, now it’s time tostart mixing it up a bit. This is your chance to introduce new flavours to the menu but also to encourage your baby to get the hang of chewing by doing less of the work for them and providing food with lumpier textures.

Strange as it may seem, they don’t need to have teeth to chew textured baby food… it’s amazing what those little gums can do!

Where possible, it is now fun to try and include your baby when the rest of the family is eating, so that mealtimes become a social occasion. Most babies are ready for this around 7 months but be guided by your baby before you start introducing textured baby food. Read more...

Try these easy recipes out with your little one…

Deconstructed autumnfruit crumble – Aka Pear and blueberrySupergreen smoothie – AKA Green Vegetable pureeBirds, Roots and Trees - AKA Chicken, Parsnip,  Carrot & Broccoli

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